Choose how you want to trade, we offer Basic, Advanced and Customizable trade pages.


With its features, PairEx aims to revolutionize the evolution of trading of Digital Assets. Our goal is to provide an enhanced user experience and enable proactive learning by supplying an easy-to-use platform.


High-End Multifunctional and
Scalable Trading Platform

  • Trade multiple digital assets
  • Reliable for High-Frequency and Algo Trading
  • Up to 10 million transactions per second
  • Multi-threaded and distributed matching engine
  • Zero Loss of Data
  • Less than 5 MS Latency


  • Introduction of Floating Trade Fee
  • Multiple Order Types
  • Customizable Trade Book
  • Market Sentiment Analysis
  • Cross Pair Trading – Trade any currency for another irrespective of pair


  • Regular Competitions and Air Drops
  • Ability to Stake POS Coins
  • Donations to Projects and Community Based Coins
  • News Feed and Announcement from Development Team
  • Social Trading Network

Military Grade

  • Cold Storage
  • Multi Signature Wallets
  • Multilayered Sign-In Authentication
  • Supervision and Audit by third parties, In-house Security Team, Security Consultants and Bug Bounty Programs


  • Partnering with Liquidity Providers
  • Regular Competitions to attract customers
  • Attracting Market Makers and Specialists
  • Lowest Fee with Liquidity Fund

Made for

  • High-Frequency and Algo Trading Enabled
  • Derivative Exchange – Buy and Sell Put and Call Options
  • Function to create Sub-Accounts with Master Institutional Accounts

Interactive Learning

  • Learn, Trade and Earn all at the same time.
  • Learn about Finance, Trading, and Cryptonomics for Free
  • Ambassador Program around the world to educate the general public

Accountability and

  • Financial Audit by the Big Four
  • Risk Management with appropriate mitigating strategies.
  • Setting strict Standard Operating Procedures in consultation with Big Four Advisory Firm

Exceptional Customer

  • Global Support Offices
  • Multilingual Help Desk and Email Support
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Customer Engagement
  • Same-Day Account Verification

Faster and Easier Trading
on the Go!

Our mobile app packs the same power as our browser version. It has a modern appearance designed for iPhone, Android phones and tablets. Get trading alerts, deposit and withdraw, trade and do much more with our app.





Advanced Order Types

For the first time, you will be able to trade any cryptocurrency regardless of trading pair. PairEx Cross Pair Trading (CPT) cuts out the base middle coin (e.g. BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC). CPT provides savings to investors and traders, as they only pay a single trade fee, instead of instead of paying fees for multiple trades. Other order types include: Trailing Stop Orders, One Sends Other Orders, Stop Loss and Sell Order Simultaneously, Market Order, Stop-Limit Order and Duration Based Orders.


Trade Signaling System (TSS)

TSS is an RXT-driven model enabling PairExers to not only view emerging trends based on different indicators, but also back test these models before applying the strategy to their portfolio. TSS can be modified to allow users to select from a variety of inputs or use our preset indicators to determine possible entry and exit positions.


Risk Mitigation System (RMS)

Our Risk Management System (RMS) is a system-wide Detection and Prevention Control Module. Specifically, on the trading side, the RMS complements TSS by monitoring and analyzing your trades and overall portfolio, offering possible entry and exit levels and therefore putting you in the best possible position to take profits or cut losses.


Floating Trade Fee (FTF)

The Floating Trade Fee (FTF) is a new system designed to limit the platform’s profits within a daily range. PairEx fees will never exceed 0.1 percent (0.05 percent for those using native token RXT) and never fall below 0.05 percent (0.025 percent with native token RXT). We aim to generate a reasonable profit without imposing excessive fees. This can be very valuable to day traders, where every dollar saved counts toward a healthy profit. We don’t want to drain users’ profits. We want to maximize them.


Where we are and where we are heading!

Q1 2018

  • Idea Formation
  • Market Analysis Benchmarking
  • Financial Feasibility Assessment

Q2 2018

  • Development Research
  • Company Name Established.
  • Building Core Development Team
  • Trading Engine Development

Q3 2018

  • Company Formation and Registration
  • Team Formation
  • Community Building
  • White Paper Release
  • Onboarding Advisor & Strategic Partners
  • Coin Voting

Q4 2018

  • ICO Landing page launch
  • Private Investor Round
  • Public Sale Round
  • Launch of Interactive Learning Program
  • Day 0 - Launch of PairEx MVP

Q1 2019

  • Beta Testing of PairEx Platform
  • Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty programs
  • Mobile apps & Desktop Client Launch
  • Beta Release with Additional features
  • Gamma Testing and Complete Platform Release

Q2 2019

  • Hiring World Class Leaders & Employees
  • Growth Hacking & Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Fully Functional Ecosystem Launch
  • Release of PairEx's most advanced and exclusive feature
  • Massive Addition of Crypto Assets
  • Options Trading - Put and Call Options
  • Expansion of Global Support Offices
  • Continued Penetration Testing

Q3 2019-20

  • Market Growth & Market Share Acquisition
  • Financial Audit by the Big Four
  • Enhanced Ambassador Programs
  • Attendance at Trade Shows & Seminars
  • Flat Gateway
  • Feasibility of Expansion into United States
  • Company Expansion to process Fiat e.g. Malta, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore & South Korea.


Where we are and where we are heading!

Q1 2018

  • Idea Formation
  • Market Analysis Benchmarking
  • Feasibility Research

Q2 2018

  • Research Development
  • Company Name
  • Start of Core Development
    Trading Engine development

Q3 2018

  • Company Formation registration
  • Team Formation
  • ICO Landing page launch
  • Community Building
  • White Paper Release
  • On-boarding Advisor & Strategic Partners
  • Presale crowdfunding
  • Public Sale crowdfunding
  • Day 0-Launch of PairEx
    Exchange MVP

Q4 2018

  • Bounty programs & Penetration testing
  • End of ICO sale
  • Mobile app &PC Clent launch
  • Complete Platfarm release
  • Cosultancy with the BIg 4
  • Additional features launch - Interactive
    learing program,Social trading,
    Cross pair trading

Q1 2019

  • Hiring world class leaders & emplayees
  • Growth hacking & marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Ambassador programs
  • Fully functional ecosystem launch
  • Release of PairEx most advanced and
    exclusive feature
  • Massive addition of crypto assets
  • Options trading - Put and call options
  • Expansion of global support offices
  • Continued Penetration testing

Q2 2019-20

  • Market growth & market share acquisltion
  • Financial audit by the BIG 4
  • Enhanced Ambassador programs
  • Attendance at trade shows & seminars
  • Flat Gateway
  • Feasibility of expansion into United States
  • Company formation &. registration in Japan, Malta & South Korea
  • RX Blockchain mainnet

Token Economics

Total/Max Supply of token: 120 Million


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